ASHDENE Large Round Tray Birdsong

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ASHDENE Large Round Tray Birdsong

ASHDENE Large Round Tray is presented in the delightful Birdsong pattern.

Ashdene presents 'Birdsong'; a beautiful complementary collection embracing style and elegance. Watercolor birds perched on branches, in a warm yet soothing color palette of pinks, golds and greens. These soft illustrations, paired with a contemporary pattern, are what make Birdsong a gorgeous NEW addition to Ashdene's High Tea Collections.

ASHDENE's Birdsong range has been created by ASHDENE in soothing colours and fluid lines catering to the modern, stylish woman. Those who value fine art, seek authenticity and desire sophistication within their surroundings will love this collection of china, trays and kitchen textiles.

Perfect sized tray for serving sandwiches, biscuits and slices or drinks for lunch or dinner.

Tray is made from 100% melamine which is food safe.

Easy to clean and light to handle.

An Ideal present for everyone at the right price.

Size: 35.5cm diameter.

ASHDENE, where Quality matters

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