ASHDENE Scatter Tray Blue Hydrangea

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ASHDENE Scatter Tray Blue Hydrangea.

ASHDENE Scatter Tray Blue Hydrangea is designed by renowned Australian artist, Jenny Phillips.

Why do florals and trays go so well together?
Is it that they both inspire relaxation, perhaps in a garden somewhere?
Or is it that milky-white background serves as the perfect canvas for functional art?

With ASHDENE, it's a case of all three. Made from fine bone china, the Blue Hydrangea tray features a beautiful floral image in blue and purple hues on its surface. The delicate illustration highlights the natural beauty of the hydrangea, a flower that is said to be associated with enlightenment, as one can be easily lost in its abundance of petals.

May you lose yourself as well - in the beauty of ASHDENE and the calm aura of your next tea break!

Perfect sized tray for serving a snack. Also a great little tray to use around the house to protect your furniture and hold items like keys, wallets, phones,etc.

ASHDENE scatter trays are made from melamine.

100 Percent Food Safe.

Easy to clean and light to handle.

Dishwasher Safe.

Attractive Gift.

Size: 14.5 x 21cm.

Ashdene, where Quality matters

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