ASHDENE Scatter Tray Twigseeds WILDE Colour of Life


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ASHDENE Scatter Tray TWIGSEEDS WILDE Colour of Life

This ASHDENE Scatter Tray is presented in the contemporary TWIGSEEDS WILDE BIRDS Colour of Life pattern.

Oscar Wilde Wording: "One should absorb the colour of life."

Busy little birds are paired with an inspirational quote from Oscar Wilde, to fill your days with colour and wonderment.  Get inspired by these cheeky birds as they invite you to become a part of their whimsical world with their paints, pencils and prose.

These furry and feathery friends have found a popular niche with children and grown-ups alike. And now you can enjoy them too with this range of mugs and trays from ASHDENE.

ASHDENE scatter trays are made from melamine.

100 Percent Food Safe.

Size: 14.2cm x 21cm.

Easy to Clean and Light to Handle.

Dishwasher Safe.

Attractive Gift.

ASHDENE, where Quality matters

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